Teaching children how to save energy at home and making them aware of the crucial role of using renewable energy in lighting up homes and improving livelihood in poor, remote communities is perhaps the most effective foundation for having an energy-efficient and sustainable future.


With this, ASEP supports the opening of classes this September 2021 and as “balik-eskwela” gift, several schools from chosen beneficiary communities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao received the book “Can We Cool Down the Earth?” about the benefits of renewable energy and energy-efficient practices in reducing the effects of climate change.


“We are grateful to the European UnionDepartment of Energy, and ASEP for giving us this book about Energy, as there are limited resources like this that are available for the children. As a teacher, I am grateful because, through this book, my students will be able to understand the benefits of taking care of our environment by conserving electricity and using renewable energy.” – Teacher Eva, Grade 5 Science Teacher

Teacher Eva looks forward to the upcoming Energy animation videos produced by EU-ASEP with the DOE as a sequel to this book.