Today (13 December 2018), seven new contracts are signed between the European Union and civil society organisations, cooperatives, regional and local authorities, corporate social responsibility institutions and Universities, for the implementation of projects helping provide clean energy to 40,000 households in the Philippines. These projects will contribute to the implementation of the Department of Energy’s objective to reach 100% of electrification in 2020 in the country.

The European Union’s contribution to these projects amounts to € 21 million and is part of the broader Access to Sustainable Energy Programme (EU-ASEP) that aims to support the electrification of 100,000 households in the Philippines.

European Union Ambassador Franz Jessen highlights that ASEP, which will last until 2021, will increase the share of renewables in the energy mix to expand access to clean electricity by remote populations and to pursue new energy efficiency strategies.

Mr  Martiniano Magdolot of MAHINTANA, Mr Proferio R. Jabla Jr. of  YAMOG, Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin, SJ of Ateneo de Manila University, Mr Jose Angelito Palma of Kabang Kalikasan WWF, Ms Claudia Oriolo Country Director of Clovek (People in Need) will attend the ceremony.

The seven projects will contribute to electrify remote places and provide income-generating activities to the beneficiary communities, like the improvement of the quality and the value of local crops or the contribution to community- based tourism.

The official launch of the seven projects is scheduled in January 2019.


The seven projects awarded are:

  1. Strengthening Off-grid Lighting with Appropriate Renewable Energy Solutions (SOLARES): € 5 million grant to MAHINTANA – Solar Home Systems (SHS) coupled with livelihood activities will be provided to 5,000 households of poor areas of North Cotabato, Sarangani, South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat and Maguindanao
  1. Improving the Lives of People in Off-Grid Communities in Mindanao through the Provision of Sustainable Energy: € 4.5 million grant to YAMOG – A total of 5,000 households are targeted in North and South Cohabit as well as in Davao Oriental. 3,800 households will be provided Solar Home Systems while 1,200 will gain access to energy through pico-hydropower
  1. SolarBnB Microhotel & Island Livelihood Energizer Platform (SMILE): € 3.9 million grant to KABANG KALIKASAN (WWF) – This action brings 24-hour energy access to 4 poor, remote island communities by integrating proven components of successful electrification and livelihood projects into a comprehensive small island electrification model while serving growing demand for eco-tourism & adventure travel. Local stakeholders include island communities, EC’s Siargao Electric Cooperative (SIARELCO) and Dinagat Electric Cooperative (DIELCO), the Dinagat and Siargao Tourism Councils, and the Municipality of Carmen
  1. Renewable energy technology for seaweed value added in Tawi-Tawi (RETS): € 4.2 million grant to UNIDO – This action aims to increase electricity access in the island of Tawi-Tawi, particularly in seaweed producing municipalities; improvement of the delivery of community services such as health and nutrition, education, sanitation through the availability of electricity services in off-grid and rural seaweed farming communities and increase the value added of seaweed farming its income generation potential
  1. Renewable Energy Access for off-grid Communities and Households (REACH): € 3.7 million grant to CLOVEK (PEOPLE IN NEED) –  The action aims to enhance social welfare, disaster-resilience and economic growth of vulnerable off-grid communities in remote areas of Northern Samar through innovative, scalable, and sustainable renewable energy technologies and systems
  1. Renewable Energy for Livelihood and Youth (RELY): € 2.2 million grant to SEQUA – The action promotes the use of renewable energy to improve livelihoods and climate resilience in off-grid, poor and remote communities in the Philippines, specifically in Region VII and IV-B.
  1. Clean Energy Living Laboratories (CELLs): The development of centres of excellence on energy access, renewable energy, and energy efficiency € 3.8 million grant to Ateneo de Manila University – A Centre of Excellence, based in a University with regional antennas in Davao and Cebu, will be the national reference for renewable energy and correspondent of Energy4ALL initiative.



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