REACH (Renewable Energy Access for off-grid Communities and Households)

REACH (Renewable Energy Access for off-grid Communities and Households)
  • Project Brief: In line with the Department of Energy’s goal to attain 100% electrification of the Philippines, the REACH Project was created to reduce the vulnerability of rural poor Filipino communities towards adverse impacts of climate change through enhanced use of renewable energy (RE) sources. This initiative will energize off-grid and underserved households, community-based businesses and community-based organizations, train local RE technicians, and equip vulnerable barangays with disaster risk reduction systems across ten municipalities in Northern Samar. Through innovative, scalable, and sustainable RE technologies and systems, the project hopes to enhance social welfare, disaster resilience, and economic growth in these remote areas.
  • Project Info to include partnerships: The REACH Project is funded by the European Union (EU) under the Access to Sustainable Energy Programme (ASEP) and implemented by People in Need (PIN) Philippines in partnership with Entrepreneurs du Monde (EdM) and Malteser International (MI).
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September 3, 2021